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Mindfulness can lessen the stress, maximise the performance, increase the productivity and enhance the creativity of staff in the workplace and that’s why I am so pleased to be able to offer mindfulness to your business, trust or school.


Whole Organisation or Departmental Training or Workshops - Online or in Person

I can deliver bespoke training or introductory taster sessions to the meet the needs of the whole organisation, school or team. This will help equip and empower your staff to explore the most suitable ways of managing stress, anxiety, pain, reactivity and or sleep.


Bringing staff together to acknowledge the importance of self-care techniques and opportunity to practise these can impact sick-leave absence.  The aims of this provision is to ultimately support morale and encourage trust within working relationships. It inspires confidence and reassurance for staff to operate within a workplace dedicated to an ethos that values wellbeing.  

Businesses I’ve worked with include:

Health Education England, BHP Chartered Accountants, Sheffield University, Sheffield Wicker Pharmacy Ltd, BBC Radio Sheffield, Sheffield CCG NHS and The Sheffield Home Office.

Public Speaking for conferences or events.

I can deliver a talk on what mindfulness is, why practise and how it can improve physical and emotional resiliency which includes opportunity to engage practically. I've had the pleasure of presenting to audiences of up to a 100 people at a variety of events including The St Wilfred's annual charity event, The WI and the Annual whole staff Training  Day for The Sheffield Hearing Impaired Unit and more.

To Access more information for training, workshops or events

Please book a free call or contact me using the contact form

Organisations I have worked with

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