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inner care for calm



Teacher, mentor and facilitator of mindfulness and meditation.
Founder of the online Inner Care for Calm Program

This live online program is designed to give you everything you need to develop a mindfulness practice that will change how you navigate and recover from stress, anxiety, pain or illness… and thrive.

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How can I best help you now?


I'm inviting you to book a free no obligation consultation call with me to find out how I can best help you. The program consists of a weekly group session or bespoke one-to-one mentoring in which you can begin learning helpful techniques to meet your needs straight away.  

For business and school workshop enquiries?

Enquiries for online/in person workshops, tailored for corporate or schools please get in touch here.

looking for mindfulness?

Are you

program and mentorship unique?

What makes this mindfulness

Three key elements set this provision apart and will hold you safely as you begin and maintain a mindfulness practice with me...

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Care & Support

Some might say they want ‘accountability’ but this can imply guilt and blame. Instead I offer unconditional care and support for you and your mindfulness practice. By modelling this, you ultimately learn to offer the same care to yourself in all areas that may prove difficult. Mindful Self-compassion research shows that greater results are achieved by those who adopt a compassionate approach to themselves. This is especially true when they fall short of their own good intentions. Unconditional care and support enables everyone to simply begin again and get back on track faster without the ‘guilt trip’.


Cultivation of a Healthy Habit


A Sense of Community

I provide a program of regular weekly classes or bespoke one-to-one sessions. This gives you the opportunity to cultivate the most ‘helpful’ conditions for growing a new healthy habit. I focus on teaching you easy to use techniques which you can apply straight away, every day. You will learn how to meet your difficulties with a radically different, caring approach. These techniques form habits which develop the kind of growth that deepens and strengthens your own emotional resilience.

My deepest intention for mindfulness teaching is to help you remember that you are not alone in whatever challenges you face.  When circumstances are difficult, we give ourselves a hard time and contrary to what most people believe, it is our shared stories and vulnerability that unite us and ends our sense of isolation.

However you choose to work with me, you will feel a sense of ‘belonging’ within a community who prioritise greater care of their emotional wellbeing. In addition to your classes, you will also have access to further resources helping you maintain a sense of connection with me and your community throughout your week.

Why Mindfulness and What else will you get?

More than ever, people worldwide are waking up to our deep need for help in increasing resiliency in the face of our emotional challenges. A regular mindfulness and meditation practice can do this and more.

You will get: 


  • Tools & techniques to build a strong, lasting mindfulness practice.

  • Increased resilience in the face of challenge.

  • Skills that'll help you reduce reactivity.

  • Greater capacity to appreciate your good moments and personal qualities.

  • Strategies to relieve stress, anxiety and rumination.

  • Guidance on how to quieten an inner critic and be the friend to yourself you know you are 

  • Access to online live weekly classes.

  • Recordings of classes including meditations, plus gentle optional prompts during the week.

  • A manageable, uncomplicated timetable that'll easily fit into your week. 


What people are

are saying

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A check-list - This mindfulness program will help you if...

  • Stress, anxiety or reactivity is affecting your relationships or enjoyment of life.

  • You want to quieten your inner critical voice.

  • You can’t switch off and it’s exhausting.

  • You’re struggling with Menopause symptoms (increased stress/anxiety and or discomfort)

  • You feel overly sensitive and see it as problematic or weak.

  • Life has changed in some way and you want to manage emotional challenges with confidence leading to a sense of peace, meaning and deeper connection.


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