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Kid's Classes Resuming 2023

Mindfulness doesn’t have to begin as adults, children can make use of all it’s wonderful benefits too.

Kids Classes Online:

As an experienced Primary school teacher of 20 years and certified mindfulness teacher and mentor, I’m now addressing a rising trend of school aged children experiencing difficulties with sleep and or feelings of anxiety.

Using evidence-based teaching and a combination of meditation and relaxation techniques, I’m helping children learn how to access both stability and calm amidst difficulty and find a kinder inner voice for reassurance and confidence to manage uncomfortable feelings.


I am pleased to offer 30-minute online Mindfulness sessions for children via Zoom. The sessions are recorded and available to view via the members area on the website in case you missed the class or want to hear the session again.

What You Can Expect

Every session will teach a technique to support your child's positive mental wellbeing, for example:

• How to relax your body and mind to get to sleep

• How to ease and manage worrisome thoughts

• Self-regulation with colour zones

• Growing resilience with inward and outward kindness

• Increasing appreciation for more joy

• How to focus and pay attention

• Finding calm and safety anywhere - including in the classroom.

Sessions conclude with a guided relaxation meditation offering an evidence-based technique which the children can begin to use themselves for feelings of calm, safety and reassurance. Great at bedtime.

As an experienced primary school teacher and mindfulness practitioner, I know the importance of creating positive relationships with children and have designed the sessions to be easy to access, enjoyable and most of all useful.

What will my child need for the session?

  1. A quiet undisturbed space (you can join them if they want you to)

  2. A space to lie down with a cushion/ blanket at the end

  3. A device larger than a phone is preferable.

Dates & Times

Thursdays Y2, 3 and 4 children - 4.15 pm (up to 30 mins)

Thursdays Y5, Y6, Y7, Y8 children - 5.00 pm (up to 30 mins)

When will the sessions run?

Sessions run during Sheffield school term times only. Children can join at any time in the school year. 

Kid's Classes will resume Early 2023. Please register your interest by sending me a message below.

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