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This is where we practise together, and the benefits are seen and felt within our daily lives.


These unique live, online group classes are enjoyable, relevant and easily accessible.


The TTM Class below forms the heart of the program, your essential guide via my teaching. A variety of other class/resources are offered free for members to help fast-track progress - an optional extra.  All available within the comfort of your own home.


Teaching, Tools and Meditation Class (TTM)

A three in one approach class, PLUS a recording.
Tuesday 8.45pm weekly via Zoom (up to 60mins)

Each week, I'll teach you how to apply mindfulness in a specific situation to ease feelings of vulnerability related to stress or anxiety. The program's weekly themes address a wide range of issues and are always relevant.

A mindfulness tool is then shared to help you embed your learning within your day-to-day life. The situation might be challenging but the tool and message is simple, easy to follow and use. You now have a helpful weekly focus to keep returning to.

We conclude the session with a guided meditation to help you to relax and practise what you're learning.  You’ll finish this class feeling settled for sleep if joining in live, or rebalanced and ready to move on if using the recording at a different time.

My additional wrap-around care below is FREE TO ALL SITE MEMBERS...

Relax and Recover Class


Relaxation Meditation only class PLUS a recording.
Thursday 6.00pm weekly via Zoom (30 mins)

I’ll help you ease into the habit of regularly pausing each week with this class designed to:

  • Rebalance your nervous system

  • Discharge accumulated stress hormones

  • Aid recovery and healing of your internal organs and activate your immune response

The very best way to unwind using a recognised PMR technique combined with meditation and boost energy levels for jobs still to be done. You'll be more effective and productive if you give yourself chance to relax, rebalance, recover, and reset.

Rest and Reflect class

Meditation and Reflection

Sunday 8.30pm weekly via Zoom (30 mins)

Take valuable time to rest and reflect on your week. A space that encourages you to:

  • Cultivate rest and relaxation for your body's nervous system with meditation.

  • Set gentle intentions of self-care for your week ahead.

  • Respond to the meditation, or share observations related to the weekly theme.

A valuable chance to interact or listen to others.  Our learning is supported and deepened by sharing our experiences.

Nine-fulness class

Short, seated meditation class.

9am daily on Zoom (10 mins) includes one recording weekly.

Give yourself a daily habit building exercise which helps you:

  • Start the day feeling grounded and focused. 

  • Exercise your mind's attention muscle and ruminate less.

  • Remember that a kinder inner voice is your key to calm and better productivity.

This 10 min daily habit is a reassuring, and comforting reminder that our collective practice keeps us connected, supported and encouraged throughout the day.

This program's monthly membership also provides access to further essential support resources:

Our What's App 'Mindful Friends' group  

Offering mini audio meditation recordings linked to the week's themed focus, audio recaps and gentle reminders. Have me with you in your pocket for guidance throughout your week.

Recorded Zoom classes available weekly

If you miss a class, a link will be sent to your email inbox (post live class) directing you to our video library.

*Please note, Our What's App support group isn't available with the free trial.

Adult Mindfulness Classes Timetable


Accessing Classes

All group classes are live online via a Zoom link sent to your email inbox. 

Your space is respected with no expectation to share. Whilst it's lovely to see faces, you're welcome to attend with camera off. 

Try our classes out first by clicking 'Subscriptions' and enjoy a 10 day FREE TRIAL.

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