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From there to here - my story

About Fiona

Following a 20-year career in education, Fiona re-trained to gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation. She has spent the past 10 years teaching groups and individuals in a variety of settings.


During this time, she has developed her own curriculum and created bespoke workshops for schools, business, and NHS staff. She has delivered talks for charity and radio and continues to develop ‘consistent practice’ to help you integrate mindfulness into everyday living and give you the most helpful and effective experience possible.

She is fully committed to her own personal mindfulness practice and is mentored by teachers working alongside world renowned leaders in this field – Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

In addition to her professional qualifications, she is fully insured and a registered member of the CThA.  Fiona’s teaching has always reflected the most current research and she demonstrates an appealing fusion of science and soul. To everyone who knows her, she never takes herself too seriously, cares deeply for others and continues to be a source of light, joy, and inspiration.

David Cabrera -
Certified Meditation, Mindful Movement & Dharma Teacher

Where Mindfulness Began For Me

How It Has Evolved &Continued For Me

 How My Approach To Practicing Mindfulness is Different: 

‘Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you’re
willing to stick with them’. James Clear, Atomic Habits.

The aim of this unique program which I have been developing and refining over many years

will help you put into action new positive ways of responding to the emotional challenges

you have faced and will face in future. 
Books and short courses are limited by trying to make us 'think' ourselves into a new pattern of behaviour without giving us the tools to achieve it. A regular attendance of this program
will in contrast help you start 'behaving' into a new pattern of thinking; the only way to find the lasting change you are looking for. 

This program is founded on principles based on research in neuroscience, education, psychology,
biology and philosophy. It also builds on the teachings and techniques of other world leaders in this field; teachers who work alongside them have been my own mentors.

The starting point are my regular weekly online group sessions which are planned and delivered to provide a themed mindfulness focus for your week. These classes are a safe non-interactive space in which you practice alongside others, and can feel relaxed knowing there's no expectation to share. 

In addition, each week's class will provide you with easy to apply mindfulness tools and techniques which are linked to the theme, so that you begin to use mindfulness actively in your everyday life.
During the week I will also provide ongoing additional support to help you continue to cultivate new positive habits.

In this program you will find a gentle yet powerful approach that regularly revisits mindfulness themes and techniques to build your emotional resilience and help you develop a kinder more supportive inner voice. This will give you the inner resources to both navigate your difficulties and savour your joys.
The beauty of this program is that whilst the training is progressive in nature, you can join at any point in
the cycle and still be able to receive the same benefit.

This program's ongoing nature bridges the gaps that short courses cannot fill. There's always a question over how one maintains such a valuable practice following the end of a course. This program is the answer; its not only a perfect way to nurture a regular practice alongside others following an introductory course, it also offers in itself a perfect way for beginners to find a way in. 

You can dip in/dip out to suit your circumstances or create your own much needed 'life-practice'. 




‘I have hugely reduced anxiety as a result of these sessions. I have tools to cope with challenges and rationalise negative feelings. It has improved my confidence a lot. Fiona as a teacher is honest, generous with advice and support and I can’t think of a better way to help people than through the skills of mindfulness’

- Megan C

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Contact me for a free consultation call via zoom and together we'll work out your next steps so you're confident you're in the best place to begin. 

Clicking the 'Free Call' button below will take you to my calendar, and having chosen a time, you'll have access to a zoom link via which we can meet.

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