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growth needs the right conditions. 

How is my approach different?

‘Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you’re willing to stick with them’. James Clear, Atomic Habits.

This program creates the 'right' or 'helpful conditions' that will help you 'act' into a new way of thinking.  This creates habit and develops growth and is in contrast to self-help books and short courses which are limited by trying to get us to 'think' into a new way of acting.  Only by acting into new ways of thinking will we discover the lasting change we seek.

I’ll help you develop a new approach through a specifically designed teaching and support program based on research from neuroscience, education, psychology, biology and philosophy. 

I want to develop meaningful, long-lasting change in the way you experience and respond to the challenges you face.

Firstly, regular weekly live online group sessions are planned and delivered to provide a themed mindfulness focus for your week.

Secondly, I give you easy to use mindfulness tools/techniques every week linked to the theme so that you're actively applying mindfulness in your everyday life.

Thirdly, during the week I provide ongoing additional support helping you cultivate new positive habits - the key to meaningful change and living a more mindful life.

Here you’ll find a gentle drip-feed approach which regularly revisits mindfulness themes and techniques encouraging you to develop a much kinder, more forgiving inner voice.  This will be key to how you navigate and recover from stress or anxiety and open you up to a greater sense of ease and joy right where you are.

The program's ongoing curriculum cycle allows you to dip in/dip out for periods of time or create your own life-practice. A minimum of 12 weeks is recommended for shorter stays.



‘I have hugely reduced anxiety as a result of these sessions. I have tools to cope with challenges and rationalise negative feelings. It has improved my confidence a lot. Fiona as a teacher is honest, generous with advice and support and I can’t think of a better way to help people than through the skills of mindfulness’

- Megan C

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Contact me for a short discovery call via phone or zoom and together we'll work out your next steps so you're confident you're in the best place to begin. 

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