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Why choose one-to-one?

Do you want a more personalized approach to help you with the issues you're currently dealing with?  Getting right to the point in this setting can get you on track faster.

One-to-one sessions will also compliment the program's group classes by helping to deepen understanding and increase a sense of connection and companionship.


How will I benefit from one-to-one sessions?

This one-to-one approach is different. It's not about fixing or solving your challenges, 

The majority of the stress people feel doesn't come from the external challenge itself, but from the way we perceive it and how we relate to ourselves in times of challenge.

We cannot get rid of the problems life throws at us, but we can change the way we deal with them.

I will teach you how to approach your challenges differently, increase your resiliency and develop a more kind and forgiving relationship with yourself.

Feel inspired, hopeful and empowered to manage the challenges you’re facing with greater ease and confidence.

Accessing Sessions

One standalone session - £55

3 One to One Sessions - £145 (save £20)

6 One to One Sessions - £270 (save £60)

*Please note: Bookings of 3 and 6 sessions must be taken within a 3 month period for a consistency of practice that benefits and supports you.

Access my live calendar below to book a free call so we can meet first and arrange a time to begin. Alternatively, send me a message.

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