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Why choose one-to-one mentoring?

If you want a more personalized approach to help you with the issues you're currently dealing with, getting right to the heart of the matter in this setting provides the reassurance and safety you need as I help you navigate your thoughts and feelings with care.

One-to-one mentoring sessions will also compliment the program's group classes by helping to deepen your understanding of mindfulness and increase a sense of connection and companionship.


How will I benefit from one-to-one mentoring?

I create a safe, containing space in which you can feel comfortable to articulate and explore your own feelings. Mentoring can be a way of having your life story witnessed and be deeply listened to, as well as opportunity to receive gentle guidance,  Mentoring offers a profound way for you to begin to see your life unfolding in more meaningful ways, with fresh perspective that leads to new direction. 


By opting to take one session, or the 6 week course, this mindful mentoring will offer you space to to share and be guided (see above) and it will lead you through the concepts of mindfulness covered in the program in a bespoke way that meets your needs and goes at your own pace.  It will help you cultivate a genuine care of yourself which will have the greatest impact, not only in how effectively you cope moving forwards, but in your relationships too, and your capacity for finding more peace and joy in your day-to- day life.

My intention is that you will be inspired, hopeful and empowered to manage the emotional challenges you’re facing with greater ease and confidence moving forward.

Accessing Sessions

One standalone session - £59

Bespoke 6 week course - £329

One-to-one sessions are accessed via a Zoom link. 

I invite you to click 'Book a Free Call' below to access my live calendar so we can meet via zoom to chat first and then arrange a time to begin.  Alternatively, send me a message.

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