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Mindfulness for Schools

Mindfulness for Whole School

Training/Workshops for Staff – Online or in person

I can deliver bespoke training or introductory taster sessions to meet the needs of your whole school or team. These can be run as part of your inset days, twilights or staff weekly training sessions.  It will help equip and empower your staff to explore the most suitable ways of managing stress, anxiety, pain, reactivity and or sleep which impact on work.


Bring your staff together to acknowledge the importance of increasing emotional resiliency and provide opportunity to practise some self-care techniques which can positively impact sick-leave absence. 


The aims of this provision is to ultimately support morale and encourage trust within working relationships. It inspires confidence and reassurance for staff to operate within a workplace dedicated to an ethos that values wellbeing.  

These sessions have been designed to help your staff feel empowered to address and manage personal challenges which could be affecting sickness and absence.  Now schools can inspire confidence, reassurance, and support for staff to feel part of a team that encourages trust and upholds an ethos of mutual wellbeing.

Use workshops to find out how mindfulness strategies can support children in your classrooms to feel calmer, less anxious and more confident in taking care of their emotional wellbeing.

Training or advice can also be provided for parents.

Mindfulness for Children in school

As an experienced Primary school teacher of 20 years and certified mindfulness teacher and

mentor, I’m now addressing a rising trend of school aged children experiencing difficulties with anxiety and or sleep. 


Using evidence-based teaching and a combination of meditation and relaxation techniques, I can begin helping your children learn how to access both stability and calm amidst difficulty and a kinder inner voice for reassurance and confidence to manage uncomfortable feelings.

How can our school benefit? What’s available for our children?

Taster sessions for groups of children in school can be delivered as part of a Wellbeing curriculum event. A relaxed and fun introduction to mindfulness which can be followed up and  reinforced with my regular weekly online kid's classes.

These are a weekly check-in at home for Y2 – Y4 and Y5 – Y8 children via Zoom. We address a different theme each week, practice a short relaxation meditation and leave with a simple technique to practice. Please see 'Kid's Classes' page.

Accessing mindfulness for schools:

Please book a free call or contact me using the contact form

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