We teach a highly effective approach using mindfulness and relaxation strategies to help you find calm, live well, live now and enjoy life more.

Mindfulness offers a scientifically proven way of creating positive change in people’s lives.

Here at ‘Fiona Watson Mindfulness’ we introduce people to this practice through our free taster sessions and offer the opportunity to get started by joining regular classes which run continuously throughout the year.

Our Aims

It is our passionate intent to help you acquire a new skill which awakens your own capabilities to manage difficulty with increased confidence, self-kindness and greater awareness, enabling you to become more physically and emotionally resilient in the face of life’s pressures.

We are committed to keeping alive the journey you start with continued motivation and encouragement within a group setting. Techniques which are supported with repetition and regular enjoyable practice form the basis of new habits and are then yours for life.

We believe self-care is not a luxury: it is a priority and necessity if we are to manage what we encounter with greater ease, awareness and control.

Instructor and facilitator

Fiona Watson is an experienced Teacher having worked within the profession for over 20 years. She holds an Accredited Post Graduate Diploma in Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness which qualifies her to lead and enable others along a path to effective relaxation, enhanced well-being and improved mindset through the process of mindful meditation.

She is a fully insured practitioner and registered with the CThA

How we’re different

Firstly, unlike many other mindfulness courses which run for a certain number of weeks then stop; we aim to bridge a gap and offer continuous provision through which session themes can be practised as often as desired. This allows a deepening of understanding and practice. It is an opportunity to nurture growth, develop and embed learning through continued attendance which broadens experience through shared reflection and support of a group.

Secondly, both the content of our classes and the way the sessions are organised and run are based on sound research from the world of expertise and education. We believe passionately about the benefits that mindfulness can bring and have designed our sessions based on this research to provide you with maximum benefit in each class and also to give you the best opportunity to embed the practice of relaxation and mindfulness techniques into your daily life.

Thirdly, we offer a technique within our classes which combines both relaxation and mindfulness meditation to ease tension and provide a range of benefits from improving focus and attention to deep rest; proven to help create significant physiological change to activate and support the body’s relaxation response and immune system function. You will have time to practise this whilst experiencing the benefits at the end of every session.



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