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Can mindfulness help us reaffirm our deep connectedness to one another?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

This piece on sunflowers was shared with me by a wonderful friend of mine as she reflected on the necessary and valuable friends in her life. This lovely sharing along with her own mindfulness practice helped her to deepen her feelings of connectedness with those who really matter in her life.

It also serves as a powerful reminder of how we can all be with each other when things are difficult to bear. It arrives in my hands at a time when the world is witnessing the horrors of war in Ukraine and sunflowers are their national flower.

I therefore offer this piece in honour of all our deep and valued friendships, for the openness of heart that mindfulness encourages and a continued hope for love and peace in the midst of chaos.

Sunflowers face the sun… but when there is little sunshine, they turn to face each other for light.

There appears to be truth in this. What miracle of love is built into this flower? It teaches us to turn towards each other, when ‘out there’ isn’t providing the nourishment, we need.

Instead of letting tension create disconnect in our life, we can choose the opposite: connection, support, and ground. See the light in each other and be nourished by it. We can literally help each other to grow towards the light.

We can all notice our inclination to turn inward rather than towards our fellow sunflowers. My offering to you is to become more awake to and gentle with this when it happens and recall the invitation to be more intentional in reaching out.

We all need each other’s sunshine.

Go bravely, be kindly and feel well today.


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