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Can mindfulness help you with New Year blues?

Hi there,

How are you?

Are you trying to galvanise yourself into action for the start of a new year? We all need a sense of direction and purpose in life but when it comes to new year’s resolutions, I’ve learned to work with this time of year rather than push against it.

Here’s an example: Can I work with ‘what is’ right now rather than what I think it SHOULD be? Right now, my fridge is still full of cheese and After Eights I’ve not eaten over Xmas, so going cold turkey on using up the leftovers doesn’t seem good timing for my inevitable health intentions. Its dark, its cold and I’m tired of punishing myself for not being the way I think I SHOULD be right now. There’s time enough in the coming weeks to begin some small changes that will be good for me, but in these early weeks of January, I’m going gentle on myself.

Can you take a moment to pause and notice how you might be comparing yourself against a version of you, that you think you SHOULD be? Most of us do this and it’s a huge unrecognised source of stress and tension in our lives that we can put down when we see it. ‘Stress’ is the tension between how something actually IS and how you think it SHOULD be. Have a think about it today. Notice where that tension is and notice how it feels in your body and mind if you just stop fighting it for a moment.

That’s all I’m inviting you to think about today, give yourself that inner care.




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