“I have hugely reduced anxiety as a result of these sessions. I have tools to cope with challenges and rationalise negative feelings. It has improved my confidence a lot. Fiona as a teacher is honest, generous with advice and support and I can’t think of a better way to help people than through the skills of mindfulness”

Megan C

“Fiona’s enthusiasm came over in the taster session as well as the info on how research is showing the health benefits. I’ve found the techniques are easy to use and have a positive, calming effect and it’s also helping me sleep better”


“After trying various therapies including counselling over the years this is the one thing which has made such a difference to me. The practical strategies provided are so accessible and useful. People I know have commented on how different I seem”

Helen M

“I’d heard excellent reviews and comments from others already attending classes and I too now thoroughly enjoy the sessions, can deal with stressful situations in a much more manageable way. I’m less judgemental, I’m waking up to the world I live in and I’m happier”


“I feel a different person completely, I’m noticing good things in my life that have been passing me by for years. It feels a weight has been lifted, my approach to work is different. It has been a revelation to me”


“I began classes because I knew stress was linked to IBS. I slept so well after practicing the techniques and my IBS has dramatically reduced and headaches much less frequent. I feel calmer, more content and more in control”


“I needed to change, have a different outlook and sense of purpose. I felt so welcome from the start. I’ve experienced an amazing transformation, enjoying the present more and feel I have the power to influence things in my life for the better”


“I needed to deal with stress to address my high blood pressure. Fiona’s approach was open, friendly and sessions were engaging, enjoyable and empowering. I made an impact on my blood pressure in just 8 weeks. I also have an inner peace I forgot existed.”


“I was always worrying about what had happened in the past and what might happen in the future. I’ve been able to develop coping strategies for difficult situations. I’m aware of what’s happening right now and as a result am enjoying life more and have felt able to make positive changes in my life”




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