What do our regular sessions look like?

Here at Fiona Watson Mindfulness we run relaxation and mindfulness classes covering a variety of themes which are practised continuously throughout the year.

Each session is 75 minutes long and offers a unique balance of opportunities for seated meditation practice and time to reflect. We introduce core concepts of mindfulness through each theme and a range of strategies to engage with each week, helping you take mindfulness from the class out into your daily life.

Every session concludes with a full body relaxation and lying down meditation for maximum benefit. There are also home learning support materials in the form of a pack. This is designed to provide you with the best opportunity of embedding the learning and practices from each of our sessions. It will help assist your start and ongoing practice.

There are a number of day time and evening sessions available to choose from and one session is attended each week. Details of these are available at the FREE session.

If you choose to pursue further classes with us from the FREE introductory session, you have the option to join us for 6, 12 or 18 weeks initially.

People can choose to continue their practice beyond attendance of all 18 themes because the class offers an enjoyable and deeply rewarding focus for the week and a regular opportunity for continued well-being and increased benefits.

Here is a list of the themes we cover

  • Intro/recap – Stress, understand it. The relaxation tech, ease tension, best tips for starting or restarting your meditation practice.
  • Waking up to now! – Notice where your mind is and develop strategies to practise being present. This reduces stress/anxiety & strengthens your ‘attention muscle’
  • S.T.O.P. strategy – Notice how you feel – neither resist or pursue. Let it ‘be’ and move on quicker. A strategy for mood repair, self-kindness.
  • Immediate stress! – What do I do? 5 strategies to draw on Now!
  • Looking at forgiveness – interpersonal mindfulness
  • Life’s arrows – Quieten the inner critic. 3 strategies to increase motivation and resilience when life gets you down.
  • Intro/Recap – Stress/anxiety practise these techniques and recover from illness faster.
  • Attracting Happiness – A strategy to train the mind to attract and experience more happiness and greater connection with your life.
  • Thoughts are not facts – Free yourself, be the master of your own mind.
  • How to change thoughts, feel differently and stay focused. Strategies: Use Positive Questioning.
  • How to approach pain – (emotional or physical), Strategy: body scan
  • Sharpening the saw – Nourished? Or depleted? Strategies for approaching difficult situations which can’t be changed. How to find time when you don’t have any! Weaving mindfulness into your everyday.
  • Intro/recap – stress/anxiety, the effects, making changes, start small.
  • Sleep – Improving sleep quality, get off to sleep easier, address insomnia
  • Mindful Movement – looser muscles lead to a clearer mind. One of the great secrets to relieving immediate stress.
  • Addressing Self-Doubt – R.A.I.N. strategy.
  • Mindful Listening – interpersonal mindfulness, strategies to improve relationships.
  • Mindful Eating – Tips for healthy habits and strategies to grow awareness of urges and the effects of being ‘curious’ of/with ourselves.



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