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One of these situations may resonate with you, or there may be elements of each that fit the description of where you currently find yourself.

Reduce Stress

Are you experiencing increased levels of stress or anxiety related to something specific or has anxiety slowly or suddenly appeared from seemingly nowhere and you’re keen to find a way of managing and reducing this?

If stress or anxiety has been, or is a part of your life; are you ready for a different approach? Are you needing a way to ease the pressure of worry related to any area of your life, find calm, perspective and improve moods and their related negative thought patterns? The difficulty you are experiencing will likely be presenting itself physically whether pain, inflammation or other unexplained physical symptoms which perpetuate the cycle.

Learning and applying new strategies can help ease tension, have a direct impact on overall health and increase your capacity for self-kindness. A greater sense of control can be experienced as you learn to place your conscious attention where you want it and when.

Increase energy

Maybe you don’t feel affected by stress or anxiety at all but just feel the spark has gone from life and you find yourself drifting. Are you are willing yourself towards the next break or holiday as you feel yourself ‘existing’ rather than really living and enjoying the life you have? Do you keep on going in the hope of finally reaching that place where you think you’ll feel happier or more relaxed, only to find that either the effects are too short lived or you never seem to get there at all?

Learning and applying new strategies can help you with moment to moment living, increase energy levels and provide great benefit as you look for a sense of meaning and purpose. Contrary to what we believe, we are not in training for some future arrival, this is it. Mindfulness helps us wake up and realise this and find ways to rediscover simple pleasures which can greatly enhance our life as we experience it now.

improve health

Are you interested in the practice of mindfulness itself and what it could bring to your life or others you care about?

Do you look to feel inspired and empowered along your chosen path or would like to increase focus and attention for improved productivity? Are you wanting to make the most of your health, and have heard that mindfulness meditation is an exercise for the brain which is proven through the evidence and research of neuroscience to create positive change in all areas of life? If we treat our minds right, all else will follow.

Learning and applying new strategies can alter and improve the structure and function of the brain to support us better, increase mental stamina, improve cognitive skills at any age and slow the decline of grey matter.

“Everyone is looking for a way out, when all we really need is a way in”
The information on our Regular Sessions Page will guide you further as to how we can help you.

Packages to help start your journey

6 Week Package – This offers a taster into this practice for those who’d like to try it out. Early results from many participants have shown a noticeable growing awareness of self and mind, lowered blood pressure, improved sleep, easing of tension and the ability to find a sense of calm when needed.

12 Week Package – This offers greater insight with increased benefits (above) being seen between 8 and 12 weeks of regular practice. Results report greater awareness of experiencing mindfulness beyond the class and out into daily life. At this stage, regular practice begins to impact on the body at a deeper level affecting DNA as ‘disease fighting genes’ become activated through the body’s repeated recognition of Homeostasis (a balance achieved through the process of deep relaxation and meditation).

18 Week Package –This is for those who want all the above and would like to experience all 18 of our themed sessions. The regularity of commitment and focus that this package brings offers longer time dedicated to a group practice which will help grow mutual support, accountability, the sharing of experience and familiarity of the techniques shared. All this develops ability to draw on learned strategies and apply when they’re really needed. Both physical and emotional benefits greatly increase with the commitment to longer stretches of time.

The ultimate success of this practice and its ability to continue to transform lives is experienced through its regular ongoing application. The ending of any sessions only marks the beginning of your own journey and how that looks and unfolds is up to you.

Many people struggle to maintain their practice independently and therefore the chance to continue with us is welcomed and encouraged as a result of unanimous positive praise and feedback from participants who’ve been with us for much longer periods. These people are putting their well-being first and finding change and progress they never imagined would be possible.

(some of their stories are available to read on our success stories page)

Please see our success stories page



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