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Here at Fiona Watson Mindfulness, these are the services we provide:

Regular Introductory taster classes explaining what you can gain from this practice, why practise and how it can impact your health and happiness.

Our 90 min weekly teaching sessions run in blocks of 6 weeks. We have daytime classes on Tues,Thursday and Friday and eve sessions on Wed.
These sessions cover a variety of themes and provide strategies to practise which help cultivate a sense of space and ease within your day to day pressures.
The session includes both guided seated and lying down meditation practises.

A 60 min weekly Just Practise session. This runs early Friday (5:45pm) eve to help you wind down and relax you into the weekend. This is chance for an extended guided lying down meditation practise with a little time for shared reflection.

A Half Hour Power Down weekly session. This runs for half an hour over lunchtime 12:30-1pm on a Friday. It is a lying down guided meditation practise which is open to anyone who wants to rebalance and reboot over lunchtime.

1:1 sessions. These are available at mutually agreeable times weekdays. You can access a course of sessions in this way if you would prefer not to be part of a group.

Monthly workshops. These offer the chance to connect with a mindful practice if committing to regular weekly sessions isn’t an option for you. We cover a range of helpful topics such as ”sleep’, ‘Befriending The Body’, ‘Mindful Eating and Nutrition’, ‘Mindful Parenting’ and more. You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date with these events.

Kids Classes. Both Fiona and her colleague Sue Gillott provide after school classes for various primary schools in Sheffield. These are an hour long and provide children with a necessary quiet space to explore a range of mindfulness exercises, the basics of meditation and relaxation and time for some mindful eating together. If you are interested in this for your school or in organising a ‘Wellbeing’ day to promote mindfulness please contact us.

Public speaking. Fiona can be available to speak about mindfulness within a group or for a training event, a staff meeting or charity gathering. Examples include WI groups, annual staff training for teachers of the hearing impaired, class provision for staff at Wicker Pharmacy Ltd, NHS staff at CCG Darnall, NHS staff at Health Education England, PHD students at Sheffield University, Charity Events and a variety of Primary schools.

Mindfulness in the workplace. There is some capacity to provide a weekly class for staff within the workplace if based in Sheffield. You can contact us to arrange an introductory session and move forward from there.

Here is how I can help you achieve your goals

Reduce Stress

We can help you if too much stress, anxiety or concern in any area is dominating your head space and you feel it’s affecting your health or sleep and this is holding you back from living the life you want. We have strategies to share that can really help you find a calm amidst the pressure.

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Increase energy

We can help you if the spark has gone from life and you aren’t finding the enjoyment in the things you once were. If you’re keen to live this one life you have more fully without holding onto frustration, you can explore a different approach. Our strategies can help you find your way to rediscovering simple pleasures that are passing you by.

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improve health

We can help you if you take a keen interest in your health and self-improvement and would like to increase your mental stamina, have sharper focus or memory. You may want to free yourself from the inner critic often holding you back. The meditation exercises we share provide brain training which can alter the structure and function of your brain to help support you better.

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Read what my clients are saying

“I have hugely reduced anxiety as a result of these sessions. I have tools to cope with challenges and rationalise negative feelings. It has improved my confidence a lot. Fiona as a teacher is honest, generous with advice and support and I can’t think of a better way to help people than through the skills of mindfulness”

Megan C

“Fiona’s enthusiasm came over in the taster session as well as the info on how research is showing the health benefits. I’ve found the techniques are easy to use and have a positive, calming effect and it’s also helping me sleep better”


“After trying various therapies including counselling over the years this is the one thing which has made such a difference to me. The practical strategies provided are so accessible and useful. People I know have commented on how different I seem”

Helen M

“I’d heard excellent reviews and comments from others already attending classes and I too now thoroughly enjoy the sessions, can deal with stressful situations in a much more manageable way. I’m less judgemental, I’m waking up to the world I live in and I’m happier”